Welcome to Anarchy Planet! This is a place where anarchists and their friends can find each other, learn about anarchism, discuss ideas, and be linked to the universe of anarchy.

We do this by building and maintaining communication infrastructure that anarchists use to communicate with each other and to the world. Our infrastructure includes blogs, chat, email, social platforms, audio and video platforms, and web sites that connect us to each other.

Our goal

As well as being an infrastructure project, Anarchy Planet is a point of departure (a portal) for an entire world of autonomous anarchist projects. This includes an introduction to anarchy, a news site for anarchists, a site where you can buy anarchist ephemera, a forum, an extensive archive of anarchist texts, a site for review essays and intelligent conversation, and much more.

We are also putting the infrastructure into place for future anarchist projects and current anarchist opinion. This is collective project will coordinate technology and human resources to fill needs as required by the residents of the Anarchy Planet.

Inter-planetary goals

While the Anarchy Planet will be filled with some of the most interesting and energetic wings of the current times, we recognize that there are other planets out there. We want our relationship to those places to be friendly. We intend to send clear text transmissions that we hope make it to these other locations, but, and importantly, we will attempt to highlight the exciting things going on at other places (on occasion). We want to respect the time that other groups have put into their projects, and that means sharing what we know, what we are doing, and what we are learning from others. We hope for the best of cross-pollination without being infected by the worst effects of political flattening that happens in coalition projects.

There will be links, offers of support, and sociability as a principle between the Anarchy Planet and the others in our universe.